Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pics 2-23-2015

I love my companions :)
Sometimes they drive me a little crazy but HF helps me love them anyway haha

Elder Griffith (our best friend and DL) and my companions. He and his comp brought us chocolate AND chocolate ice cream the other night :)

During weekly planning this week we needed something sweet 'cause weekly planning takes like 4 hours and so we thought we'd bust out the cake ball maker we got from a member and made some cake balls so we did! And we threw them all in a bowl and drizzled glaze over them and it was amazing and made weekly planning so much better. Man I'm gonna gain like 50 pounds. great

We all got matching Canada socks! :) That is E Griffith and E Johnson, our BFFs aka DL and comp

For mutual this week a lady in the ward taught her kick boxing class and it was so intense and i was so sore! I thought I was gonna die! esp since I haven't actually had a good workout in like a month!

Sister Davis and I dying stretching the day after that crazy kickboxing mutual

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