Monday, October 5, 2015

Email 10-5-2015

My week was good.

We went to I-falls minnesota for exchanges :) that was fun. And we brought back american oreos and cheezits :)

Conference was SO GOOD. I can't wait until the ensign comes out and I can study all the talks again.

Transfers are coming up and they are splitting our areas. We won't get our transfer call until Saturday so I'm not sure which area I will stay in, if any, or if i will stay with Sister Wray or what. I'm trying not to make any guesses or any hopes so I don't get let down haha. I'm just gonna go with the flow. Come what may, and love it :) So we will see what happens i guess.

The next general conference will be my last in the mission and by that time i will have 4 months left. totes cray. And Canadian Thanksgiving is next monday so then after that it's already christmas season :) haha So I'm sure the time will fly :) Christmas time always does.

At this point I'm just trying to figure out how I can have more courage to be a better missionary so that I will be happier and enjoy my last 10 months and not just endure. So that's about it :) I love you.

(I asked Maddy if she was ready for the cold weather around the corner)

I think I forgot how cold it actually gets and what it feels like. I'm worried I might need a bigger jacket haha the mission home has some Canada Goose ones they got for free but they only have smalls which is a little too small. But I might be able to make it work since the one I have is small anyway haha but other than that, I think I'm all set. It's already cooling down which is nice :) It might snow by halloween :)

awkward bathroom selfie cause no where in my apartment has good lighting haha but GENERAL CONFERENCE DAYYYY! :) and making it a tradition with Cadbury mini eggs for a conference treat since for some reason Cadbury mini eggs are year round in Canada haha #whynot #ldsconf

Our drive to I-falls was totes gorge :)

Our drive from Manitoba to Minnesota :)

look at this HUGE FISH! Baudette, Minnesota :) #USA

Tyler, I thought you would like this :)

last pday we went to Ikea and it was the best thing ever :) 

made it across the border