Wednesday, February 25, 2015


The weekend before we took Maddy to the MTC her mother, Tracy, worked on her favorite baby blanket. The original blanket was hers when she was a baby. The pink patches are fixes before she went to college. The blue are before she went on her mission. It will be many colors and layers eventually. That blanket is loved by Maddy and Maddy is loved my her Mom.

Maddy showing off the blanket on the morning we dropped her at the MTC.

Pics 2-23-2015

I love my companions :)
Sometimes they drive me a little crazy but HF helps me love them anyway haha

Elder Griffith (our best friend and DL) and my companions. He and his comp brought us chocolate AND chocolate ice cream the other night :)

During weekly planning this week we needed something sweet 'cause weekly planning takes like 4 hours and so we thought we'd bust out the cake ball maker we got from a member and made some cake balls so we did! And we threw them all in a bowl and drizzled glaze over them and it was amazing and made weekly planning so much better. Man I'm gonna gain like 50 pounds. great

We all got matching Canada socks! :) That is E Griffith and E Johnson, our BFFs aka DL and comp

For mutual this week a lady in the ward taught her kick boxing class and it was so intense and i was so sore! I thought I was gonna die! esp since I haven't actually had a good workout in like a month!

Sister Davis and I dying stretching the day after that crazy kickboxing mutual

Email 2-23-2015

Dear Family and Friends,

        Sorry my emails are super lame haha there's just like no time! Good thing my dad made that blog you can all go look at, it probably has way more stuff than these emails! Well this week has been pretty great. I feel like every week is pretty great. There are a lot of ups and downs but by the end it usually balances out to great.

         On tuesday, we were going to meet with a girl named Adut. She is the friend of a laurel named Angella in our ward that came to church last sunday. So when we get to the church on tuesday to meet with her, guess what. SHE BROUGHT THREE FRIENDS. So there were 4 of them! and we taught them all the restoration and you could tell that they really felt the spirit. The spirit was really present when we were talking about JS first vision! It was pretty amazing. We also taught another one of Angella's friends earlier that day named Czerri, i might have talked about her before. But anyway, now were teaching 5 of Angella's best friends and it's so amazing! Angella is such a good example to me because she is so open about her beliefs and willing to share the gospel with the people she loves. If we were all more like Angella, the church would grow exponentially and the missionaries in all our wards would have so many people to teach! I think that we sometimes undermine the importance of member missionary work but really, it is one of the most important things you could do in your life! And all you have to do is invite your friends and talk about what you believe. It sure works for Angella and I know it has worked for me too (cough  cough   TAYLOR   cough) hahaha but seriously people! SHARE THE GOSPEL! haha and you will find so much joy and so many blessings from doing so. :)

         So I love my companions :) Sister Miller just cracks me up all the time. Mostly with the weird stuff she eats haha. Today for breakfast, she had plain popcorn, with vinegar and pepper on it! Our whole apartment smelled like vinegar! And the other day she had a green spinach tortilla, then put peanut butter on it, and then put bananas on it AND THEN proceeded to put spinach leaves on it! WHAT. Hahaha and she eats her salad with mustard and vinegar. She is an odd one but i love her and she keeps me laughing. Sister Davis is all around amazing, my main goal on my mission is to become just like her.

       This week we were also able to go teach the Obi family. They are the family of 8 we found last week. We taught them the restoration and they seemed really open and interested. It was a little hard because the baby was crying a lot. But then as soon as we started reciting the first vision, the baby stopped crying and everyone was silent and listening intently. It was amazing. I have been told that nothing can bring the spirit like sharing the first vision and I've noticed that that is so true. Satan knows how powerful it is and so many times when we are sharing it, the phone rings, or the baby starts crying, or someone does something distracting. But there are a few times that Satan can't win and everyone is still and the spirit is so crazy strong. It's interesting because I always thought that part was super cheezy and awkward like reciting it from memory, but its true, and people feel of its truthfulness and that is why the spirit is so strong when we share it. And the Obi's invited us back so I know that must have felt the spirit.

       Well I know a bunch of other stuff happened this week but i don't really remember, that is just the things that I loved the most. And my Dad can fill you all in on the blog. I love you all! Share the gospel! Be happy! :)

Sister Maddyson Martin

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Email 2-16-2015

Wow! This week went by fast. It seems like everything flies by. Probably because we do the same thing everyday, it's so routine. This week has been really good though. I think the best part of this week was watching our prayers get answered through obedience. We have been told that by being obedient and diligent in all our efforts, it guarantees an answer to our prayers. I know that God always answers our prayers anyway but I feel like I've been getting a lot more yes's than no's.

I see little miracles every day too, like when Sister Miller walked into a glass door at a member's house and I died laughing. That was a miracle! Getting to laugh a lot :) hahaha She probably wouldn't describe it as a miracle though haha.

We always plan every minute out and we are always doing the Lord's work so He knows when and where to put people in our path to find. One day this week we went to see an older less active lady and we got there a few minutes early and when we got out of the car her neighbor was walking her dog so we went and talked to her and she let us in her house to teach her! And were going back this week! What a blessing. When we show God we can do the little things, he trusts us with the big things.

Another miracle like that happened this week as well. One day we were just getting to our apartment to change and go back out again and we saw a man walking down the street smiling so we went up and talked to him. He invited us to come to his house later in the week. His name is Innocent. What a great name! So meanwhile, we have been praying to find families that are prepared to learn the gospel and come unto christ. And so yesterday we stop by Innocent's house and he is not there and he didn't tell his wife we were coming, but she opens the door and lets us in anyway! And then what do you know they have SIX kids! They have a religious background and are willing and interested in learning more about the gospel and how their family can be together forever. So guess what, God answered our prayers and led us to find a family ready to learn. They have 3 kids over 8 so that is 5 new investigators. In one day. How amazing.

We also met with this 92 year old lady from our ward this week her name is Grandma Gross. We meet with her every week. She is so inspiring. I always learn something from her. This week she was telling us about how she knows Christ created this Earth and that she doesn't know how but she doesn't need to know how to appreciate it. She loves seeing all the beautiful colors of the world. And she was talking about how he even created so many amazing colors we can't see but she knows they're there. My companions and I discussed this and we thought about the Aurora Borealis and how it is this beautiful colorful light and you can't always see it and sometimes it is colors you have never even seen before and it dances and lights up the night. We talked about how we all have our own inner light, our own aurora borealis and it dances and shines within us. It is so unique and sometimes its color is something like no other or never seen before. Sometimes only certain people can see it at certain times. But what if the aurora borealis would shine more often in more places and light up more nights. How beautiful and wondrous every night would be. We need to let our light shine. Let it dance. Let more people see it and experience it. That is something I'm working on this week. Letting my aurora borealis dance and shine more often and broadening the spectrum of colors it can shine.

The lessons are going better and I'm getting more comfortable. mostly just with the restoration lesson cause we haven't really been practicing or studying the other ones yet so those are still a bit uncomfortable but it's all getting easier. The days go by fast and the week flew by!

Sorry this is short but you can check the blog thing my dad put up for me and I'm sure he will put things from my other letters up there so you can hear more! I love you all! Let your light shine! Be obedient and see the rewards!


Sister Martin

40 below! i used my balaclava thing!

One of the sweet members and her friend which is one of our investigators, they're 18 and 16, they brought us valentines :)

We met a maple leaf guy :) haha oh canada eh

This totes beauts mural of Jesus and in his eye is Baby Jesus

Footprints in the snow, not sand :) I feel him carry me sometimes :)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Email 2-9-2015

Well here we go.

It's been crazy. Leaving the MTC was harder than I thought it would be. I met so many amazing people there and it was sad leaving them. We woke up super early and left for the airport and travel took a long time. One connecting flight in Minnesota and then straight to Winnipeg. I got to call my family from the airport which was nice. I miss them a lot and I was so glad to talk to them. When we got to Canada there were some issues with my Visa so I only get to stay in the country for 90 days and then I have to leave the country and reapply for a visa. Which will be okay cause luckily we have one area in the mission in the States in Minnesota so I can go there and get it all sorted out. I hear it's beautiful there too so I'm excited for that.

When we got to Winnipeg we went to the Mission President's house and had some amazing food. Way better than MTC food haha. It was nice having a home cooked meal. Then in the morning we had a long orientation and then found out where we were going!

I am now in the Winnipeg North area serving in the London Ward. I stayed with my MTC companion and we are both being trained by Sister Davis. Tri-pan numba TWO haha already. Crazy. But I'm grateful for it.

It's nice staying with Sister Miller cause I love her and I know her and its nice having a familiar face around :) Sister Davis is great. She is very obedient and I'm learning a lot. She is super energetic and cute and fun which drives me a little crazy sometimes haha cause she's like always happy but good for her.

When we got placed we had to leave almost right away and go to some lessons. Our first lesson was amazing. It was a less active at a member's house and she made us tea and brownies so it was like a little tea party with her fancy china, it was cute. But the spirit was so strong our less active cried. Not gonna lie, Sister Davis did all the talking, I said like 5 words the whole time and Sister Miller said like 15 haha. But it was still fun.

I haven't gotten used to the sleeping schedule yet. I feel like I'm always tired and I fall asleep in random places at random times all the time. Its awkward haha but I haven't fallen asleep in a lesson yet so thats good. Maybe I'm like a little narcoleptic or something. It is freezing here but not too bad cause we are only outside when walking to and from the car. And we're always busy, we have like 5 or 6 lessons a day so far. It feels like I've been here way longer than I have.

We got to do service at someone's house and help them demolish their basement and tear everything out. It was fun. We're teaching some great people and I love almost every lesson. Even when I'm super awkward haha. But oh well.

Sunday was great. It was pretty relaxing and spiritually uplifting. And on Sunday mornings when we usually get up and exercise we get to just relax and do something else like write letters so i liked that too. Well I can't really think of anything else right now. But I'm doing okay. I'll try to be more organized and send better letters from now on haha it's crazy how fast the time flies, it's like I'm rushing through all my emails. I love you all!

Sister Martin

Letter excerpt 2-1-2015

Today was a pretty great day. We had a lot of meetings but they were all pretty good. And my fast and prayers were answered. Our testimony meeting was so good. And our district musical number was really good and really spiritual. We're all really sad to be leaving each other. But I'm glad 5 of us are all going to Canada so maybe we'll serve together at some point. I hope so. I love them. I shared in my testimony that going on a mission and leaving my family had been the hardest thing I have ever done and I've only just started and that kills me. But I have never felt God's presence more strongly in my life than I have in the past 2 weeks and that's what gives me strength to do the hardest thing. And it's really true. I have gotten so many answers to prayers and so much comforts almost instantly when I pray and that's the only reason I'm still here, because God wants me to be here.

Letter Dated 2-2 & 2-3 2015

Today was a pretty great day. It was our last day together as a district. We just had a lot of fun and spent time together visiting and singing hymns and playing piano. It was fun.

Today we were supposed to meet with our (practice) investigator Patti for the last time, be they overbooked her se we just got to say bye real quick and take pictures. I was sad, I love her so much and don’t want to leave her and we were gonna commit her to baptism today! So that was sad. We also met with Nikki for the last time. She has made so much progress. Her baptism is in 18 days so that’s exciting. It’s funny how I talk about her like a real person, but she’s really just my teacher acting as an investigator, but it feels so real too and it’s sad to leave her.

It’s funny how the closer it gets the less I want to leave the MTC, when all I wanted just a couple days ago was to get out of here. I think it’s just ‘cause I’ve grown comfortable here and used to it and I’m scared to leave. And I’m going to miss my district.

So tonight when we were saying bye to the half of the district that was leaving tonight we all stood in a circle and sang “God Be With You ‘Till We Meet Again.” #Typical haha. But it was actually really amazing we've all grown so much together and bonded so fast and even love each other so much and it was really sad saying bye. I’m just glad a lot of them are coming to Canada with me.

Well it’s the last day at the MTC. I’m mostly all packed. It’s funny because everything seems to fit in my suitcases better than it did the first time. I FOUND MY PEARL! (Maddy lost one of the real pearl earrings her mom gave her for graduation.) God does answer prayers. I really hope you have been getting my letters. I am not very excited to leave but I am excited that I get to call you. Someone said it takes like a month for the mail to get from the U.S. to Canada. I hope that’s not true. That would be sad ‘cause I like writing you every day. I love you bunches and I miss you.

Love, Maddy

Friday, February 6, 2015

Then and Now

Tracy and Maddyson and I were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple on December 18th, 1996. She was just over one. The next pictures were taken on Jan 20th, 2015, the day before she went into the MTC.

Wow, I was so handsome!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mission Call Flipagram

This link is for the Flipagram Maddy made to share her mission call online with friends and family. Just figured out how to post it.

Family Portrait

By Ariana Martin

She's in Canada!

Got this email from the mission office:

Dear Parents,

Your missionary has arrived safely at the Winnipeg Airport and was greeted by President and Sister Thomas.  He/she will be transported to the President Thomas’ home for dinner, brief counsel from President Thomas, and given a chance to bear their testimony.

Thank you for sharing your sons and daughters with the Canada Winnipeg Mission.  We love them already!

Warmest regards,

Sister Hafen
Mission Secretary

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Airport Phone Call

Maddy caught her plane to her mission today. She got up at 4 am and had to spend some time waiting at the airport for her 9 am flight. She was able to call her Mom and talk for awhile. I was out of town for work and Tracy used her cell phone to conference me in on the call. It was great to hear her sweet voice. I miss her and I know she misses us.

She said she will be glad to get into the field. She is tired of MTC food and role playing. I remember feeling the same way.

She said she was in a "trio" in the MTC because one sister missionary (from Ghana I think) had her whole MTC district go into the field about a week and a half before she could get out to her mission in Florida. 

When we asked her what she liked the most she said she enjoyed singing in the choir. The choir director has great practices and they performed for a devotional. (She also loved the banana bread in the cafeteria.)

Her companion is from Alberta Canada and has been telling her about the country. Apparently large Canadian bills smell like maple syrup! Awesome.

I know it's tough for missionaries and their parents to miss each other during this time. We adore her. I know that she is in the service of the Lord and will have a great mission experience. When she gets to spend time in service to the people and her companion I know she will fall in love with Canada.