Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pics 4-28-2015

Au Revior Winnipeg!

Maddy just found out she is getting transferred. I'm not sure where she is going. No long email this week. I guess we'll read about it in her letter.

saw this super neat old tank and had to stop for a pic :)

we got matching 3$ sunglasses :) haha

Sister Davis :) I'm gonna miss her like crazy

Sister Miller, I love her!

Jumpin on the trampoline at the Heieie's. We were over there for service and we were waiting for Bro. Ryan Heieie to help us with something. So we figured we may as well have a little fun :)

Kate Gross and her cute kids and one of those girls is a Fisk child that practically lives there since the Gross family and Fisk family are besties

These are the Gross kids, Navy and some of his siblings.

This is Grandma Gross. This is my last picture with this sweet woman. I love her with all my heart and if I came out on a mission just to meet her, it was worth it. I'm gonna miss her a lot.

This Navy Gross and a few of his siblings and friends. He is literally the cutest little boy I have ever met. He is so gentle and sweet and I love him. He always tells us this story about how one time he heard the Holy Ghost warn him that he and his brother shouldn't do something so he didn't do it haha it is so cute. His family is amazing. I love them all. Every time I see Navy he runs up to me and give me the biggest hug.  :) 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pics 4-7-2015 (3)

The Young Women did an activity called 'I mustache you a question' and they did a little trivia thing about the bishopric and then we went to the store to get treats for the bishopric 'stache' or stash so they would have snacks and treats when they have long meetings. Except when they went to the store they all had to wear mustaches hahaha it was supes funny. But being a missionary, that wouldn't be very dignified so we weren't allowed, but we wore them till we got to the store just for fun :) haha

Lucky Charms for belated St. Patricks day :) mmm :)

We're so silly :)
(This is Maddy's very serious and most excellent trainer, Sister Davis!)

These are my super cute new shoes, they are super comfy too and only $6! I love bargain shopping!

Me and my companion Sista Milla! haha :)

Pics 4-7-2012 Adut's Baptism

Elder Johnson baptized Adut. This is Adut's favorite picture of the Savior because she had a dream that looked very similar before she ever saw the picture and that is one of the things that helped her know she was supposed to get baptized. Super neat :)

Apparently they can't take a normal picture haha but they are cute anyway :)

This is at Adut's baptism. Her friends Angela and Angelique were in this pic with us :)

These are all the girls we meet with every Tuesday during their lunch break. they are all great :)
I love them :)

Email 4-7-2015

This has been an exciting week. :) We had Zone Conference, which was all about the Book of Mormon. It was pretty neat and I learned a lot that I think will be helpful as I continue my missionary work. It was super long though. Like all day. haha. Almost too long. But it was good :) I got to sing with my companion and an Elder in our district, Elder Johnson. We sang a musical number called My Kindness Shall Not Depart From Thee. It is a really pretty song and I loved singing it :) So that was fun.

April 1st was the best. APRIL FOOLS DAY :) We pranked the elders with baking powder covered donuts hahaha. It was funny. I felt a little bad, but we gave them really yummy donuts after so I think it was okay. :)

We've been teaching a lot and we're always busy, which is good. We find new investigators all the time :) It is exciting and always changing so it keeps me on my toes, even when I'm exhausted, there are still reasons to keep going :)

We also had General Conference this week WHICH WAS AMAZING! haha. And it was so fun to watch it at the church! I think I appreciated and enjoyed conference more this time than any other time, but I guess that just comes with being a missionary. :) I hope you all were able to watch it and if not that you will go watch it and catch up because it was so good. And Hoorayyy for a temple in BANGKOK THAILAND! I bet my friends Anchalee and Mike and Rachel are so excited :)

Well I better go, but I love you all, have a wonderful week.

Sister Martin :)

From an Email with Dad:

...The baptism was super fun. She was adorable. I wrote all about it in the letter I mailed you today. You should get it in about 10 days. haha It's funny cause by the time you get letters the stuff in them is like a month old. But it was really fun and after, the Filipinos in the ward made noodles and rolls for refreshments haha it was yummy.

Easter was fun :) Sister Davis's mom sent her a package with easter bags and candy and grass inside so we put together easter bags for each other and hid them and in the morning we woke up and looked for them it was fun :) and then we went to general conference and brought our easter candy :)

That night we went to the bishops for dinner and it was yummy! We had ham and potatoes and veggies and homemade rolls. But for dessert they had chocolate cheesecake which was suuuuuper yummy except it was the biggest slice of cheesecake I have ever had in my life! I swear it was like a quarter of the whole thing. I felt so sick after like 5 bites and it was only a quarter eaten. It probably would've been super good if it was just like a little sliver with some cool whip on top. Maybe I will get the recipe. I decided I'm gonna make a recipe book and collect recipes from people on my mission. :)

That will be fun. It looks like you had a fun easter :) I missed you guys a lot. But I'm glad you had Taylor over and Rachel was there :) I love you bunches

Pics 4-7-2015

Easter Packages from Sister Davis' Great Mom!

This was my easter bag full of candy :) And me in my new easter outfit :) 

Mine was hidden in the back of the cupboard in a pot, way easier than Sista Milla's haha. I made up a version of slim shady for her "I'm Sista Milla, I'm the real Sista Milla all you otha Sista Milla's are just Sista Filla's" hahaha I'm hilarious.

We hid Sister Miller's in the attic. hahaha She took forever to find it :)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Email 3-30-2015

Portions from Emails with Dad

...The baptism was AMAZING :) it was so fun and so good :) Church was good for us too. We have zone conference tomorrow and I'm singing with Sister Davis and Elder Johnson and Sister Miller is playing piano. They just told us yesterday after church that they needed us to do a musical number... but I think its going to be really good. I'm kinda nervous for zone conference but I think it will be fun. I just hope I don't fall asleep, that would be embarrassing. I can't believe Tyler is already getting his permit that is so crazy to me. I'm great, we went shopping today and I got some cute stuff. I'm getting more and more nervous each day as the end of my training gets closer. I don't want Sister Davis to go home and I don't want to be on my own idk what I'm doing or where to go or how to get anywhere yet! Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter because it comes anyway. I love you.

...yeah and I might just train right after I'm done with my own training which is even scarier and we only have a stupid paper map booklet not even a full map you can open up. You have to look in the directory and find what page the street is on and figure out how to get from one page to the next and the pages don't line up! It's so hard idk whats gonna happen I'm just trying to not think about it! haha

Email 3-30-2015

Well I have like no time to write you all this week and I'm not able to send pictures today so hopefully next week's email will be much better and you will get to see more of what I have been up to. :)

This was a crazy week! There is so much more to planning a baptism than it seems. Haha. But ADUT IS BAPTIZED!!! She was baptized on Saturday (3-28-15) and all her friends that we have been teaching went and it was so amazing. Adut is the best. As soon as she came up out of the water she just cried and hugged her mom who was waiting at the top of the stairs of the font. It was a very tender moment. She just cried and hugged and her mom didn't even care that she was soaking wet. It was sweet. The spirit was so strong. :) I love baptisms and I hope we have many more throughout my mission :)

We were also able to go to the Women's General Conference Broadcast and it was so wonderful. It talked a lot about the family and how we need to defend the family and how we all belong and play an important role in God's family. I loved it so much. Family is the foundation of this gospel and so important in my life. I love my family and I want everyone to be able to have a family they can lean on and turn to. I know that families are so important in God's plan and we need to do all we can to stand up for that. So those were my thoughts about that :)

I hope to be able to write you more next week. I pray you are all happy and well. :) Love you all

Sister Martin