Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pics 4-28-2015

Au Revior Winnipeg!

Maddy just found out she is getting transferred. I'm not sure where she is going. No long email this week. I guess we'll read about it in her letter.

saw this super neat old tank and had to stop for a pic :)

we got matching 3$ sunglasses :) haha

Sister Davis :) I'm gonna miss her like crazy

Sister Miller, I love her!

Jumpin on the trampoline at the Heieie's. We were over there for service and we were waiting for Bro. Ryan Heieie to help us with something. So we figured we may as well have a little fun :)

Kate Gross and her cute kids and one of those girls is a Fisk child that practically lives there since the Gross family and Fisk family are besties

These are the Gross kids, Navy and some of his siblings.

This is Grandma Gross. This is my last picture with this sweet woman. I love her with all my heart and if I came out on a mission just to meet her, it was worth it. I'm gonna miss her a lot.

This Navy Gross and a few of his siblings and friends. He is literally the cutest little boy I have ever met. He is so gentle and sweet and I love him. He always tells us this story about how one time he heard the Holy Ghost warn him that he and his brother shouldn't do something so he didn't do it haha it is so cute. His family is amazing. I love them all. Every time I see Navy he runs up to me and give me the biggest hug.  :) 

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