Monday, April 6, 2015

Email 3-30-2015

Portions from Emails with Dad

...The baptism was AMAZING :) it was so fun and so good :) Church was good for us too. We have zone conference tomorrow and I'm singing with Sister Davis and Elder Johnson and Sister Miller is playing piano. They just told us yesterday after church that they needed us to do a musical number... but I think its going to be really good. I'm kinda nervous for zone conference but I think it will be fun. I just hope I don't fall asleep, that would be embarrassing. I can't believe Tyler is already getting his permit that is so crazy to me. I'm great, we went shopping today and I got some cute stuff. I'm getting more and more nervous each day as the end of my training gets closer. I don't want Sister Davis to go home and I don't want to be on my own idk what I'm doing or where to go or how to get anywhere yet! Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter because it comes anyway. I love you.

...yeah and I might just train right after I'm done with my own training which is even scarier and we only have a stupid paper map booklet not even a full map you can open up. You have to look in the directory and find what page the street is on and figure out how to get from one page to the next and the pages don't line up! It's so hard idk whats gonna happen I'm just trying to not think about it! haha

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