Friday, July 10, 2015

Pics 7-6-2015

We went to "Sidewalk Days" Which is just kinda a little street festival thing with vendors and stuff down mainstreet. And there was a one man band! haha he was pretty good too!

My Service Canada Day outfit haha. We helped someone move today :) 

Comp unity with the Canada Shirts eh? 

Sisters in Shades!
Us at Sidewalk Day's on the 4th of July :)

This is my 4th of July Firework show haha :) I shoulda sang I'm proud to be an american at the top of my lungs or something!

The 4th of july :) we got sparklers from the dollar store :)

This is basically what Canada looks like. the places i have been at least. haha. This is Flat Flat Flat Saskatchewan haha

There are 101 fires going on right now all throughout Saskatchewan. so it is SO SMOKEY here. The sun is just a red circle and you can just stare at it. Our Canada Day festivities got cancelled because of the smoke and so did Girls Camp.

Email 7-6-2015

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been pretty good. 2 Holidays in one week! haha. Canada Day was wednesday and then we celebrated the 4th of July as well :) It was pretty neat, because the fireworks on Canada Day were past our bedtime haha but, we could see them from our bedroom window! So we sat in bed and watched them :) It was pretty neat :) We had a barbeque and baseball on the 4th so that was fun too :) I am slowly but surely getting a little better at baseball. haha.

This week we met our new mission president, which was interesting. I'm sure he is great, it will just take some getting used to. Change is hard for me.

We helped a lot of people move this week and last week. 4 families in total, 2 of which were prepared and 2 of which were NOT. But we survived :) and hopefully everyone is done moving for a while. Cross our fingers, knock on wood. haha. It anyone else moves, our ward will become a branch! haha

We didn't get to see much of our investigators this week. Seems like everyone was sick this week or we just couldn't get hold of them. But there is always next week :)

Well, not much else is new. My companion Sister Bersie is great. She is learning fast and is already a great missionary. And she puts up with my craziness ;) haha.

Well, I love you all. Hope you are all happy and well, I pray for you all every night :)

Lots of Love,
Sister Maddyson Martin <3

505 Academy Road
Winnipeg MB R3N 0C9