Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pics 4-7-2015 (3)

The Young Women did an activity called 'I mustache you a question' and they did a little trivia thing about the bishopric and then we went to the store to get treats for the bishopric 'stache' or stash so they would have snacks and treats when they have long meetings. Except when they went to the store they all had to wear mustaches hahaha it was supes funny. But being a missionary, that wouldn't be very dignified so we weren't allowed, but we wore them till we got to the store just for fun :) haha

Lucky Charms for belated St. Patricks day :) mmm :)

We're so silly :)
(This is Maddy's very serious and most excellent trainer, Sister Davis!)

These are my super cute new shoes, they are super comfy too and only $6! I love bargain shopping!

Me and my companion Sista Milla! haha :)

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