Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Email 2-23-2015

Dear Family and Friends,

        Sorry my emails are super lame haha there's just like no time! Good thing my dad made that blog you can all go look at, it probably has way more stuff than these emails! Well this week has been pretty great. I feel like every week is pretty great. There are a lot of ups and downs but by the end it usually balances out to great.

         On tuesday, we were going to meet with a girl named Adut. She is the friend of a laurel named Angella in our ward that came to church last sunday. So when we get to the church on tuesday to meet with her, guess what. SHE BROUGHT THREE FRIENDS. So there were 4 of them! and we taught them all the restoration and you could tell that they really felt the spirit. The spirit was really present when we were talking about JS first vision! It was pretty amazing. We also taught another one of Angella's friends earlier that day named Czerri, i might have talked about her before. But anyway, now were teaching 5 of Angella's best friends and it's so amazing! Angella is such a good example to me because she is so open about her beliefs and willing to share the gospel with the people she loves. If we were all more like Angella, the church would grow exponentially and the missionaries in all our wards would have so many people to teach! I think that we sometimes undermine the importance of member missionary work but really, it is one of the most important things you could do in your life! And all you have to do is invite your friends and talk about what you believe. It sure works for Angella and I know it has worked for me too (cough  cough   TAYLOR   cough) hahaha but seriously people! SHARE THE GOSPEL! haha and you will find so much joy and so many blessings from doing so. :)

         So I love my companions :) Sister Miller just cracks me up all the time. Mostly with the weird stuff she eats haha. Today for breakfast, she had plain popcorn, with vinegar and pepper on it! Our whole apartment smelled like vinegar! And the other day she had a green spinach tortilla, then put peanut butter on it, and then put bananas on it AND THEN proceeded to put spinach leaves on it! WHAT. Hahaha and she eats her salad with mustard and vinegar. She is an odd one but i love her and she keeps me laughing. Sister Davis is all around amazing, my main goal on my mission is to become just like her.

       This week we were also able to go teach the Obi family. They are the family of 8 we found last week. We taught them the restoration and they seemed really open and interested. It was a little hard because the baby was crying a lot. But then as soon as we started reciting the first vision, the baby stopped crying and everyone was silent and listening intently. It was amazing. I have been told that nothing can bring the spirit like sharing the first vision and I've noticed that that is so true. Satan knows how powerful it is and so many times when we are sharing it, the phone rings, or the baby starts crying, or someone does something distracting. But there are a few times that Satan can't win and everyone is still and the spirit is so crazy strong. It's interesting because I always thought that part was super cheezy and awkward like reciting it from memory, but its true, and people feel of its truthfulness and that is why the spirit is so strong when we share it. And the Obi's invited us back so I know that must have felt the spirit.

       Well I know a bunch of other stuff happened this week but i don't really remember, that is just the things that I loved the most. And my Dad can fill you all in on the blog. I love you all! Share the gospel! Be happy! :)

Sister Maddyson Martin

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