Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Airport Phone Call

Maddy caught her plane to her mission today. She got up at 4 am and had to spend some time waiting at the airport for her 9 am flight. She was able to call her Mom and talk for awhile. I was out of town for work and Tracy used her cell phone to conference me in on the call. It was great to hear her sweet voice. I miss her and I know she misses us.

She said she will be glad to get into the field. She is tired of MTC food and role playing. I remember feeling the same way.

She said she was in a "trio" in the MTC because one sister missionary (from Ghana I think) had her whole MTC district go into the field about a week and a half before she could get out to her mission in Florida. 

When we asked her what she liked the most she said she enjoyed singing in the choir. The choir director has great practices and they performed for a devotional. (She also loved the banana bread in the cafeteria.)

Her companion is from Alberta Canada and has been telling her about the country. Apparently large Canadian bills smell like maple syrup! Awesome.

I know it's tough for missionaries and their parents to miss each other during this time. We adore her. I know that she is in the service of the Lord and will have a great mission experience. When she gets to spend time in service to the people and her companion I know she will fall in love with Canada.


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