Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Email 2-16-2015

Wow! This week went by fast. It seems like everything flies by. Probably because we do the same thing everyday, it's so routine. This week has been really good though. I think the best part of this week was watching our prayers get answered through obedience. We have been told that by being obedient and diligent in all our efforts, it guarantees an answer to our prayers. I know that God always answers our prayers anyway but I feel like I've been getting a lot more yes's than no's.

I see little miracles every day too, like when Sister Miller walked into a glass door at a member's house and I died laughing. That was a miracle! Getting to laugh a lot :) hahaha She probably wouldn't describe it as a miracle though haha.

We always plan every minute out and we are always doing the Lord's work so He knows when and where to put people in our path to find. One day this week we went to see an older less active lady and we got there a few minutes early and when we got out of the car her neighbor was walking her dog so we went and talked to her and she let us in her house to teach her! And were going back this week! What a blessing. When we show God we can do the little things, he trusts us with the big things.

Another miracle like that happened this week as well. One day we were just getting to our apartment to change and go back out again and we saw a man walking down the street smiling so we went up and talked to him. He invited us to come to his house later in the week. His name is Innocent. What a great name! So meanwhile, we have been praying to find families that are prepared to learn the gospel and come unto christ. And so yesterday we stop by Innocent's house and he is not there and he didn't tell his wife we were coming, but she opens the door and lets us in anyway! And then what do you know they have SIX kids! They have a religious background and are willing and interested in learning more about the gospel and how their family can be together forever. So guess what, God answered our prayers and led us to find a family ready to learn. They have 3 kids over 8 so that is 5 new investigators. In one day. How amazing.

We also met with this 92 year old lady from our ward this week her name is Grandma Gross. We meet with her every week. She is so inspiring. I always learn something from her. This week she was telling us about how she knows Christ created this Earth and that she doesn't know how but she doesn't need to know how to appreciate it. She loves seeing all the beautiful colors of the world. And she was talking about how he even created so many amazing colors we can't see but she knows they're there. My companions and I discussed this and we thought about the Aurora Borealis and how it is this beautiful colorful light and you can't always see it and sometimes it is colors you have never even seen before and it dances and lights up the night. We talked about how we all have our own inner light, our own aurora borealis and it dances and shines within us. It is so unique and sometimes its color is something like no other or never seen before. Sometimes only certain people can see it at certain times. But what if the aurora borealis would shine more often in more places and light up more nights. How beautiful and wondrous every night would be. We need to let our light shine. Let it dance. Let more people see it and experience it. That is something I'm working on this week. Letting my aurora borealis dance and shine more often and broadening the spectrum of colors it can shine.

The lessons are going better and I'm getting more comfortable. mostly just with the restoration lesson cause we haven't really been practicing or studying the other ones yet so those are still a bit uncomfortable but it's all getting easier. The days go by fast and the week flew by!

Sorry this is short but you can check the blog thing my dad put up for me and I'm sure he will put things from my other letters up there so you can hear more! I love you all! Let your light shine! Be obedient and see the rewards!


Sister Martin

40 below! i used my balaclava thing!

One of the sweet members and her friend which is one of our investigators, they're 18 and 16, they brought us valentines :)

We met a maple leaf guy :) haha oh canada eh

This totes beauts mural of Jesus and in his eye is Baby Jesus

Footprints in the snow, not sand :) I feel him carry me sometimes :)

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