Monday, March 9, 2015

Pics 3-2-2015

We bought a fish as a joke for one of our members. The elders bought the boy one a couple weeks ago so we thought we would get a girl and she has a lucky fin so we named her the girl version of nemo so her name is Nema Milldavin (miller-Davis-martin) haha She is super small so you can't really see here haha.

We had to go to another appt before the one where we could give the fish,and we couldn't leave her in the car cause she would freeze so we put her in sister Miller's purse and brought her in the lesson with us so we had a fish in our purse in a lesson and no one even knew! Hahaha it was funny. Here's Nema Milldavin j-chillin in the purse.

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