Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Email 3-23-2015

We did so much service this week, it was really good. We got to help a guy clean out his basement and go through stuff and re-organize. It was fun. We ended up with 2 truck loads of stuff to take to the dump. Then he fed us this realllyyyyy great pizza :)

Later that same day we went to help a lady in our ward clean her apartment. It was a really big job. We cleaned for 3 hours and didn't even touch the bathrooms. We were sooooo exhausted that night. But I love doing service because you can just tell that it relieves a lot of stress from those you serve and we get to help Heavenly Father bless those people. I don't think either of them could have done the job themselves by the time it needed to be done. So I was happy to help. :) We also helped another lady clean and reorganize her kitchen. That was fun. :)

We are always super busy. It seems like we are constantly running to and from the car or changing in the car from our service clothes to proselyting clothes and back to service clothes. At one point we probably could have lived in our car for a week with the amount of food and clothes we had in there! But staying busy is good. Time seems to fly by. I am already through my first transfer and two months into my mission. Totes Cray!

We have a baptism coming up this Saturday! I am so excited. Adut is amazing and so ready and I think she will be a great example for the rest of her friends who have a date for April 25th :) So we get to plan our first baptism this week. :)

We work with a lot of less active members as well. I love meeting with them. Helping them figure out and resolve their issues and getting them back to church. Sometimes all they need is a little love. And getting them back to church brings them so much love and blessings. The work of saving souls is multi faceted. And truly brilliant :) I love it.

I found a new investigator on Facebook. I have been working with her for quite a while but she is finally starting to open up a little more and wanting to learn more. I love that we have the opportunity to proselyte on Facebook. It can be super effective, especially for people who have a hard time opening up to new people face to face and in person. It is amazing how you can feel the spirit through some words on a screen even across thousands of miles.

Well I'm sure I'll have more to share next week. hope you are all happy and well. :)

Love you all xoxoxoxoxo

Sister Martin

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