Monday, March 9, 2015

Email 3-9-2015

Not a lot of time, but one miracle from this past week: our family of 8 that is investigating, the Obi's, all came to sacrament meeting yesterday! They only have a small car and can't take all of their family so we had to find a ride for the other 4 of them. And let me tell ya, that was harder than it should have been! No one from the ward was willing to do it and that was really frustrating and stressful since we promised this family a ride. But God always provides a way and one of our recent converts offered to take them. So she went out of her way to take this family to church then back home to pick up her daughter and her neighbour for church. What an amazing lady :)

The kids were all so good during church! They had to go somewhere after sacrament meeting, but they told us that next week they would love to come and stay all three hours! Wohoo! The church is true! I'm excited for them, I think they will love primary and Relief Society especially. They are progressing, slowly but surely. The language barrier is a bit hard, but we were able to find copies of the Book of Mormon in their language! What a miracle.

Oh and yesterday I dropped my bagel on the carpet, but it fell right side up, tender mercy of the Lord :) haha.

So that's my news for this week :) Stay updated on my blog :) Love you all

Sister Maddy Martin

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