Monday, May 2, 2016

Email 5-2-2016

Life is okay right now. We have been sick the past week, a head cold. not fun. So I've just been so tired and worn out. The work is good, we have lots of good people to work with. This week we met this guy and we went and talked to him when he was just walking to the pizza place and you could seriously smell him from 10 feet away, he was just so stoned on MJ it was crazy. But we set up a time to meet him at the library, not really expecting him to show. So we got there a half hour late and he wasn't there but we turned around and he walked in! So we met with him and taught him the restoration and he didn't seem high this time so that's good and he said he had been thinking about what we said to him when we met him a lot and he committed to a baptismal date and to come to church. So we weren't sure if he would actually come, but he did! And he stayed all 3 hours and seemed to really like it and wants to meet again and come back! SO that was really surprising haha and exciting. He is 25 though so we have to turn him over to the YSA elders. But that's ok, they are good Elders, they will take care of him. He seems pretty genuine. So that was an exciting part of our week.

We also have this investigator who has been dating a member for a year now and he lives in alberta and she would go see him every weekend and go to church with him there and now she wants to be baptized. But she has been having major health issues. She has MS and just got diagnosed with Lupus. So she is on the max amount of blood thinners and still having issues with blood clots and the doctors told her that she will most likely have a stroke soon and they are not sure she will survive another stroke. AND her daughter has lymphoma.... So if you could pray for her and her family, that would be really good.

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