Monday, May 2, 2016

Pics 5-2-2016

We got to go to Boomers, a trampoline park, for Pday Activity! :) It was super fun :)

and we got free socks haha

after jumping :) It was super windy haha this is Sister Reyes and Sister Miller, they are the other sisters here in Regina, and they are both my past companions and now they are companions with each other haha :) I love them lots

Exchanges with Sister Decker in Moose Jaw :) We went and got treats at my favorite place! Maple Leaf Bakery :) a Moose Jaw original :)

I got to go to Moose Jaw and see the Sherlocks! I LOVE THEM

Look at this GIANT pot hole! This is what all the roads are like on my mission haha its so weird... it will be like driving on clouds when i get home :)

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