Monday, April 4, 2016

Pics 4-4-2016

On our way to watch General Conference and enjoying the sunshine and the warmer weather :)

We cleaned a hoarders house this week...... yuck.... this is the before pic

and after :)

after day one of cleaning the hoarder house and not knowing what we were getting into, the next day we came prepared

Went street contacting on the Broadway Bridge after conference on Saturday. It was SO WARM, like 20! And suuuuuper windy.

we made milkshakes and watched Ephraim's Rescue last night :) 

Hahaha this is Bella :) She is the daughter of one of our investigators, Christine. She is a cutie, but usually a diva and never seems to like us haha she wont high five us or sit by us or let us touch her toys haha BUT she just came and sat right down in between us! So we took advantage of the moment and got lots of pics. 

Waiting in line at the car wash haha there is ALWAYS a HUGE line. Today wasn't the worst it's been though so that's good.

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