Monday, April 4, 2016

Pics 3-28-2016


I opened my Easter package yesterday morning. So many fun things that I love, my family knows me well :) These are our comp unity fuzzy socks that we got in my package haha :)

THE GOLD PLATES! :) So we went to the Slocombes last night for Easter supper and Sister Slocombe is a seminary teacher so she had her husband make her this replica of the gold plates years ago and they showed them to us :) SO NEAT! They are actually super heavy haha and he even engraved actual reformed Egyptian engravings on the front plate 

Exchanges with Sister Smith. Could be my last exchange as an STL. I guess we will see what happens with transfers next week.

we found the Mystery Machine! haha

there was a cute little birdie stuck in walmart when we were shopping last week. hopefully he gets out and finds his family

running from our crazy neighbor Leslie in our apartment building hahaha

we got Kinder Surprise Eggs and they had cars in them! And we got to put the stickers on it too, it was fun :) 

We went to the Kennedy's and colored eggs last monday :)

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