Monday, June 1, 2015

Pics 5-25-15

Sister Reyes and I at the Laundromat/ice cream parlor haha with Alyssa, a recent convert

This was us, Sister Reyes and I, in the car wash :) I love the car wash when you don't have to do it yourself haha 

This is Saskatchewan. FLAT. But pretty. 

This is Sister Reyes and I. The sunset was so pretty so we stopped and took pics :) this was a tough day, but at least the sunset was pretty and my outfit was cute haha

This is me emailing you rightnow hahaha

Last week we didn't have time or money to dry our laundry at the laundromat so we had to run home with our wet laundry and throw it ALL OVER THE HOUSE to dry hahahaha in like 2 mins. It was crazy. But it all dried and we even saved a little change. haha. 

I love this guy :) It is helping us win the hearts of the members and some of the people we are teaching.

I felt pretty today :) 

So we have been taking cookies to families in the ward and singing to them with the uke :) We have rearranged i am a child of god, nearer my god to thee, joseph smiths first prayers, come follow me, and were working on amazing grace. So we have been including songs in a lot of our lessons and picking a song to sing when we take the cookies :) I think it is working :) i recorded us singing i am a child of god but i cant figure out how to send it to you because it is too big...

So there are sooooo many dandelions in the church lawn :) It is cute and soon there will be so many wish flowers :) 

This was when we went ice blocking for the YSA activity. There was one YSA person there and then us and the elders... haha small town. 

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