Monday, June 1, 2015

Email 5-25-15

Dear Family and Friends,

Sorry it has been a while! Things here in Moose Jaw have been going well. The area is making progress slowly but surely. It is still slow, but it's moving along. We have even been able to find some new investigators :)

This week we have really been focusing on gaining the trust of the members and developing relationships with them. So we have been stopping by and bringing cookies to some of the families and singing to them. Sister Reyes and I have been working on some hymns and primary songs on the ukulele that we could incorporate into our lessons. So we have been testing them out on the members. They seem to like it, and Sister Reye's famous cookies ;) She calls them heaven cookies. hahaha. I'd say it's close.

So we have been happy, it is starting to look like summer around here. And we are running out of our allotted kilometers so we are going to have to start walking everywhere. Thank goodness it is starting to warm up, but now we are going to be too hot! haha But such is life and we will grin and bear it :)

Well I hope you are all happy and well.
Love you lots,

Sister Martin

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