Monday, December 21, 2015

Email 12-21-2015

From Me:

"Glad to hear things are going good. We love you. We sure miss you right now. It's hard to have you gone at Christmas. We keep saying stuff like, "Next year Maddy will be home for Christmas"

We love you

What are you doing on Christmas?"

From Maddy:

"haha I CANT WAIT TILL NEXT CHRISTMAS ALREADY haha seriously though like this christmas is fun and all, but it just keeps making me a little homesick and excited for next year to come already. But I am trying to live in the moment just like usual haha. It's a daily struggle sometimes. I just miss you all so much. But the time will fly by before I know it. On christmas I get to sleep in till 9, if my body will let me haha, then make crepes and open presents :) And then skype home at 1 (11am for you) and then at 2 we are going to a members for games and supper at 4 and then in the evening we are going to another members I think to watch a disney movie which will be fun. :) So that's our christmas. everyone in our ward is out of town and we hadn't been invited anywhere so a lady in another ward invited us over. so it will be good. :)"

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